Monday, November 19, 2007

RSV protection/

Patent # 5506209 owned by Abbott (Ross) uses a native or recombinant human milk component (beta-casein) to inhibit RSV infection. The patent is called, "Product for inhibition of infection of mammalian cells by respiratory syncytial virus," invented by Mukerji et al. It states:
"...a study which confirms that human milk may contain RSV-neutralizing activity of a non-immunoglobulin nature as well as RSV-specific antibody."
Human milk was obtained from Symbicom AB of Sweden. This was filed in 1994. How many parents know that human milk components can inhibit RSV? How many parents know that human milk has the ability to inhibit a variety of viruses (HIV for example) besides bacterium? Why is this knowledge so well-hidden that even many medical care providers don't know it?

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