Saturday, May 2, 2020


“You’ll find pediatricians neglecting to inform mothers that infant formula can contain from 10 to 1000 times as much lead as breastmilk;  neglecting to tell a mother that breastfeeding protects her infant from all infectious diseases she has had or fought off through her immune system; neglecting to tell mothers that breastfeeding promotes better bone maturation and intellectual development and neglecting to tell them that breastfeeding will help protect mothers themselves from cancer of the breast.”—Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, ”Confessions of a Medical Heretic,” 1980

Just days before the COVID-19 panic hit the USA, I was walking down a sidewalk in New Smyrna Beach and for some unknown reason looked up at the sky and saw a murmuration of Starlings.  I became mesmerized by the geometric shapes the flock of birds were creating.  I watched at the artistry of not just the birds flying but the shapes they were creating.  It was exciting to see an actual murmuration.  I had seen them on YouTube videos but this was real life not screen life.  I felt like it was a sign; but I didn’t know what the sign meant, other than the excitement of feeling like the Starlings were performing just for me.  

The speaker of the above video says that what we are seeing is not biology but physics.  It is the critical transition of the flock to predator threats.  The speaker says, “A critical transition is an abrupt change that occurs when an external force pushes something to its tipping point.”  Maybe what we have witnessed in this COVID-19 panic is a world-wide mumuration of humans? The medical-industrial complex predicts a world-wide pandemic with a new, never-before-seen virus.  Like the flock of starlings, we humans feel threatened by a enemy.  We go to our shelters-in-place.  Amazingly this human mumuration became world-wide.  And then the world in a few months became transformed by the absence of human activity.  Nature is suddenly given an opportunity to breath.  

 I saw my first firefly. They had left my property some years ago.  I thought them extinct but I now know they are still around.  I notice the silence, no planes overhead, very little traffic.  I feel like I did when I was hiking in the Adirondacks.  The silence is at first frightening but gradually enjoyable.  It is the silence of human activity being quieted.  The sounds of nature are being sung in the trees by birds I have never seen before.  We share this planet with many animals and it is our human activity that creates our human deafness to the plight of our mother earth and all its creatures.

Of course, human activity will get back on its destructive track sooner or later depending on where you live.  But for one brief moment we get a glimpse of what our world could be.  I wonder about the human cost of this pandemic.  How much fear and panic has been spread around the world?  How many people died of this unknown virus?  How many died alone in fear without the people they love holding their hands, giving their loved ones care and comfort?  How many babies and children will grow up afraid of human touch, not knowing how to smile because faces only have eyes? 

Oh yes I know this new world of masks and gloves and 6 foot separation is about keeping everyone safe from an infectious disease.  But what is the science behind this new disease?  We see a lot of statistics on how many died of this disease and how many tested positive. What about the testing?  The media reports that there aren’t enough tests and only certain people (wealthy or famous) are able to get tests.  So how do we respond to the scary statistics that are printed in the media?  Why does the FDA pdf file of the CDC PCR test kit for this disease state, “This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.” (page 37)

If the test cannot rule out other diseases, someone please tell me how we have all these statistics on COVID-19?  What I have noticed in some media reports is that cases are based on presuming that someone has COVID-19 because they were in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.  But if the test cannot be specific, how can one presume anything about this new virus?  Is this science?  Presumption is not science. (I found 2 other COVID-19 test kits that stated the following, “This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other pathogens.” PrimerdesignTM used by the WHO, and Taq COVID-19 test kits)  I believe that all PCR COVID-19 test kits probably make the same or similar statements in their package inserts.   

Many years ago Kary Mullis, Nobel prize winner for his invention of the PCR, stated that PCR should not be used as a diagnostic test.  Yet here we are again using PCR as a testing device to presume disease.  PCR was used with hiv/aids, testing newborns to determine infection.  There has always been errors testing newborns for disease since infants carry maternal antibodies for 18 months or longer. 

The similarities between the so-called science of COVID-19 and hiv/aids is interesting:  same inexact “science,” some of the same researchers predicting disease and death, and the general population believing that medical science is Truth-no questions need be asked.   
Few people recognize the medical industrial-complex, its power and its focus on profit. defines the medical industrial complex, “The concept of the medical-industrial complex was first introduced in the 1971 book, The American Health Empire (Ehrenreich and Ehrenreich 1971) by Health-PAC. The medical-industrial complex (MIC) refers to the health industry, which is composed of the multibillion-dollar congeries of enterprises including doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies, drug manufacturers, hospital supply and equipment companies, real estate and construction businesses, health systems consulting and accounting firms, and banks. As employed by the Ehrenreichs, the concept conveys the idea that an important (if not the primary) function of the health care system in the United States is business (that is, to make profits) with two other secondary functions, research and education.”

The medical industrial complex is similar to the military industrial complex, whose purpose is to make war but mostly designed for profits.  Their influence is ever-present in governmental policy.  With the medical industrial complex it is the same personnel flow of corporation positions to governmental positions, and back to the corporation.  But physicians and medical researchers have far greater influence because very few people question their physicians or medical researchers.  They are like the gods.  One does not question a god, the rich and famous, and/or the ivy league-educated. 

I honestly don’t see breastfeeding surviving under this ideology that human touch, physical contact is dangerous and to be avoided in this pandemic.  Breastfeeding is all about touching, physical contact between a mother and her baby. Breastfeeding is about building an immunity through mother-baby contact.  Babies are great imitators.  Smile at a baby, and they smile back.  I have seen newborn babies smile and it wasn’t gas.  Although the medical profession tends to believe that babies are just little lumps-empty slates.  It was just some 30 years ago that babies were operated on without anesthesia.  Why?  Because the medical community believed that babies didn’t feel pain.  But any mother can tell you that even a young baby feels pain and can smile back at you.  

The human milk industry on the other hand is patenting oligosaccharides that supposedly imitate breastfeeding.  They speak of human milk but it is research on breastfeeding that is the basis for the belief in its protective qualities against infectious disease.

Consumption of human milk is one of the most cost-effective strategies known to medicine for protecting infants against morbidity and mortality due to infectious disease. Human milk may be considered a natural and efficacious "nutriceutical," i.e., a model food that conveys immunologic benefits. Protection against infectious diseases occurs through a variety of complementary mechanisms found in human milk, including oligosaccharides and their related glycoconjugates. Significantly enhanced immunologic protection by breastfeeding has been demonstrated for diarrheal diseases, respiratory tract illnesses, bacteremia, meningitis, and necrotizing enterocolitis. Protection by breastfeeding is especially efficacious against diarrheal disease.” --                                                                                       
Patent #7893041, “Oligosaccharide compositions and use thereof in the treatment of infection,”  inventors:  Ardythe L Morrow, David S Newburg, Guillermo M Ruiz-Palacios

What do we really know about health?  What do we really know about bacteria and viruses?  Assumptions have been made about a test that is the supposed magic bullet to prevent a pandemic.  Will this testing be used to presume infection and thus quarantine those testing positive?  Will it be used to decide who will be allowed to work?   A test as unspecific as the PCR may determine what we believe about ourselves, others, and our society.  One can only hope that we start questioning this test.
Copyright 2020 Valerie W. McClain