Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nestle loves breastmilk....

Ah....yes, I thought the title would get ya!   They actually do breastmilk, the product.  Great stuff that breastmilk, good for what ails ya.  But don't tell parents or for that matter, mum's the word at Breastfeeding Conferences.  Heaven forbid, my god, what would happen if women and men really understood the significance of all this discovery and flag planting.  I will use thee in the name of Nestle, our bluebird of happiness.  Our provider of food, pharmaceuticals, and whatever else they wish to own--like water.
So lets get to the patent.  It is US Patent # 8,012,509 called, "Milk fractions and milk preparations for treating and/or preventing COX-2 mediated diseases."  Owned by Nestec (Nestle of Switzerland) and invented by Lionel Bovetto, Joerg Hau, and Catherine Mace and published at the patent office on September 6, 2011.  Listen to the bluebirds chirping outside my window.  Oh wait, its the bluejays and they are having one mean convention.
I digress, sorry I am easily distracted by birds....
I know that the first question is: what is COX-2 mediated diseases?  This patent states that those diseases are inflammatory diseases (I think for example they mean diseases like arthritis).  They will be using a milk fraction as a COX-2 inhibitor.  But we are to guess from what species this milk fraction may come from:  human, cow, or buffalo or a possible mixture.  Hey, your guess is as good as mine.  A raven is cackling outside my window...shut up you-you carrion species, you small vulture of the world.  This "invention" will be a nutritional and pharmaceutical product.

In the body of the patent the inventors state:
"Particularly, high cycloxygenase-2 inhibiting activity are provided by sweet whey from human milk and by several fractions from cow milk...."

The inventors see this as a possible replacement for NSAIDS without the side effects that NSAIDS generate.   But the inventors also believe that COX-2 inhibitors reduce the formation of tumors.  Wow. don't tell your mothers this one.  Who would believe it?  Nestle, you are so funny.

So how did these inventors get human milk?
"Human breast milk was obtained from healthy mothers who agreed to donate breast-milk samples in quantities that did not jeopardize the nutritional supply of the baby (10-60 ml). Samples were obtained up to 70 days postpartum by breast pump expression or occasionally by manual expression and were processed within 2 hrs after collection."

Donor milk.  Yes, momma, you gave it to them.  How kind of you.  Yes, keep'on donating because babies around the world need.....Nestle. (for those who don't know me, this is sarcasm). 
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