Wednesday, August 6, 2008

HIV & Breastfeeding--Part 7

I thought I'd dedicate this post to a couple of websites that give alternative views on hiv/aids. These websites have a wealth of information, lots to read and digest. I will be happy to add websites on alternative views. These two websites will keep you busy for months. One can read a variety of articles, listen to authors-podcasts. David Crowe's website has a fascinating clip from Oprah's TV talk show (from early 90's). The show was on several people who had been misdiagnosed as having hiv/aids. There lives were turned upsidedown. One man despite the knowledge that he was hiv negative continued to take hiv meds. Oprah talked about the power of belief. I think she was looking at it from a different perspective than I. But the power of belief has enormous effect on one's behavior. The man believed his initial diagnosis because he had all the supposed risk factors. When he started his meds, he got very sick. The meds he took to save him from a disease he didn't have, damaged his body. His sickness developed because of the drugs not a disease. Mentally, he believed the first diagnosis. He believed he was going to die because he was told by the health profession to prepare to die. Belief can kill. Like voodoo.
His story reminded me of a health professional who told me that they knew by looking at someone whether they had hiv/aids. They didn't need the test, they could tell by looking at them. This is someone I considered to be compassionate and a well-trained professional in the health care field. I was shocked by this admission. Science? Knowledge? We know your disease by looking at you and we know that you are going to die---well, yeah that's right on, we are all going to die, we are born to die. But health care professionals know when?? I guess its like the when regarding birth. If ya manipulate birth enough, you know when because you have the knife and the drugs. Same holds for disease and death, give someone enough drugs they usually get sick and die sooner than later.
Here's two informative websites on alternative views to hiv/aids:

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