Friday, June 19, 2009

who owns that company?

The other day I happened to find out through browsing the internet that a company called, Weston Presidio-a private equity firm-owns the company Evenflo.
They own quite a few companies. Now, Evenflo bought Ameda, the breast pump company. Interesting, eh? But gets even more interesting. Ameda sells on its website Lansinoh Lanolin under their products and accessories page calling it Ameda Lansinoh Lanolin. And Lansinoh pump parts are interchangeable with Ameda Purely Yours. So is Ameda a distributor of Lansinoh products? Are they partners? Now Lansinoh is owned by Pigeon Company (Japan). So things are getting downright complicated in my mind. Was Hollister (I believe they owned Ameda at one time) bought by Pigeon, too? Their website reminds me of Pigeon (the red theme). So who really owns these companies? And what does it mean to be owned by a private equity firm?
Prolacta seems to be financed (owned?) by several venture capital companies. And it seems that Elena Medo is no longer publicly mentioned at their website. Have these venture capitalists eased her out? The BOD seems to be made up of ex-Baxter employees and venture capitalists.
I feel very ignorant about venture capitalists and private equity firms. Where do they get all their millions/billions? Playing the stock market? Who owns these companies? Would the WHO Code mean anything to these companies? Is the bottom line, profit and profit only? We have become an international community through the buying and selling of corporations. So when US political parties take donations from corporations are they taking money from within the country or are outside interests massaging the political process? Who would really know since the ownership of corporations/companies has become so convoluted? Are we becoming "One World" under the guidance of the corporate giants? And what is their politics? What do they want and what are they willing to do to get what they want?
Copyright 2009 Valerie W. McClain

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