Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CDC does not recommend nasal flu vaccine for pregnant women

The CDC does not recommend that pregnant women get the nasal flu vaccine. They recommend the inactivated virus vaccine shot. see

One patent application (20090081255) on a flu virus vaccine at the US Patent & Trademark Office owned by Sanofi Pasteur (French pharmaceutical company) discusses the use of vectors such as plasmids (usually used in genetic engineering). It also mentions the use of artificial chromosomes. It would seem highly likely that any inactivated virus flu vaccine will be genetically engineered. Currently there are no studies on H1N1 flu vaccine and pregnancy but studies will be starting soon. Interesting way of doing medical research....put out the product then test to see if its safe. It used to be the other way around but in this busy world we don't have the time.

I just finished reading a document entitled, "Legal Immunity for Pharmaceutical Industry" in which they state, "So far, neither the WHO nor the CDC or any other scientific body has demonstrated required scientific proof for the existence of the alleged H1N1 Influenza A new virus." Sounding more and more like hiv/aids. The existence of hiv is debatable and the PR campaign was about a massive epidemic--which never materialized (in Africa all statistics are debatable--testing unavailable, number of cases estimates only).

PhRMA (pharmaceutical industry group) had a press release dated 4-28-09 entitled, "PhRMA Applauds Kathleen Sebelius Confirmation as HHS Secretary." An interesting comment written in this April 2009 press release, "It's equally important for Congress to act rapidly to put a full-time Commissioner in place to head the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Consumers count on the FDA to help assure the safety of a myriad of products--including the life-saving anti-virals contained within the Strategic National Stockpile which could be deployed in the event of an influenza pandemic." Gee whizz, those pharmaceutical people are sure amazing. They had that premonition that we were headed for an influenza pandemic. I guess one might call that fortune-telling....
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