Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Got Breastmilk" part 2

This is La Leche League International's website on the "Got breastmilk" trademark. Click on the underlined statement on top that mentions the trademark and you get the advertising for the dairy industry-a cow's milk container spinning slowly around. It's the advertising image from the "gotmilk" website of the California Milk Processing Board. Well, well, well.

You know this is beyond rational belief, beyond my understanding. Well I guess I now understand why breastfeeding advocates are hook, line and sinker for vitamin D supplements. Hey, it goes with the dairy industry. Vitamin D was a big addition to cow's milk, some years ago. So if ya need it for cow's, ya most certainly need it for the humanmilk industry.

I keep thinking about the mother and father in New Orleans who are serving life sentences because they fed their infant (who was preterm, released early from the hospital in New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina) cow's milk. The judge in New Orleans thought that parents should know not to do this and of course just because they didn't have money is no excuse not to avail themselves of infant formula through WIC or medical care through the public health system. Funny how highly educated people who are doctors, lawyers, and judges have no ability to envision how in disarray the public health care system was in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina (not blaming them, just when you have a major catastrophe even the best system would have major problems). People of wealth and highly educated do not live in the "projects." The reality of wealth and being able to get the care you need at the touch of your cell phone, is not the reality of the "projects/ghettos" of the USA. The USA is a diverse land. People in the USA, like to pretend that our world gives equal opportunity to all. The projects/ghettos of the USA, are a stark contradiction to that belief.

I am totally shocked that a breastfeeding advocacy organization does not have a problem with advertising for the dairy industry at their website. I imagine the silence will rein in the breastfeeding community because that is the answer to any and all problems. So cow's milk isn't considered a breast-milk substitute?? You know that is a curious thought.
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  1. Thousands of Babies are dying without breastfeeding from the mother's.

  2. Sadly, it is more than thousands of babies dying because of the use of breast-milk substitutes. Over a million infant's die because they are not breastfed. In fact I believe this is an underestimated statistic, particularly in the USA. The decision by LLLI is appalling.

  3. This is a quote from the executive director of LLLI at the website of dailyfinance:
    "GOT MILK? is a familiar tagline to families everywhere," says Barbara Emanuel, executive director of La Leche League International. "We are privileged to have this partnership and sales proceeds will help provide resources for families to make informed choices when it comes to breastfeeding."

    What is informed choices regarding breastfeeding?