Tuesday, April 26, 2011

on the edge of rationality and insanity

Another garbage day, the sun rises and the moon is just a shadow of its former self. Oil washes around the sandy shores of Louisiana and radiation continues to leak into the ocean near Japan. We discard another car, another computer, another thing into the landfill of our minds. It is the tidal wave, the tsunami of our desires jettisoned because its lost its "shiny." We do this with our things, but we do this with people, too. We are just lovers of the newest flash, our media's newest tricks. Like the alcoholic we get a whiff of the object of our desire and we intoxicate ourselves for a few days and then we sober up. Happy, depressed, happy, depressed: we are all bi-polar. One big happy-depressed family self-medicating ourselves on "things." Who needs discussion when the media can write its version of reality to the masses. Don't worry, a little radiation is good for you. Don't worry, a little oil in the sea is beneficial. Don't worry, let's "liberate" another country with bombs and bullets. War is beneficial for the economy. No job? Don't worry. Home repossessed? Don't worry. Whose worried? I believe. I believe. The media tells me that the economy is getting better, less unemployment. I can keep my eyes shut. I don't see the people on the streets, begging for jobs or food. Yeah, I don't see them because the homeless aren't allowed to be on the streets. So it doesn't exist. The media writes its lies and repeats them until we all become rationally insane. A nuclear meltdown won't hurt ya. Three wars waging at the same time will improve the economy. Whose economy? Don't ask, don't tell. Truth is lies, lies are truth.

Death to rationality, hurrah for the insanity of our green technology called nuclear energy. Hurrah for the insanity of promoting a safer infant formula, most like mom's milk. Mother's milk in a can, comes with it's own surgically enhanced boob to lean on. Of course the appendage while anatomically correct is non-functional. Yeah, on the edge, on the edge.

"The present invention discloses a prophetic inclination, based upon a 15-year study of human milk, that new form of gammaglobulin referred to herein as 'panaglobulin,' 'mammaglobulin,' or 'lactopanaglobulin' may replace the current gamma globulin. Because higher lievels of IgA and IgM are present in human milk and colostrums, and a more diverse form of IgG as well, panaglobulins may provide protection beyond the scope of current gamma globulin therapy."

Patent # 7914822 "Method of producing nutritional products from human milk tissue and compositions." Inventor: Elena Medo Assignee: Prolacta Bioscience

We have a society where more and more people have immune deficiencies thus creating a need for gamma globulin therapy. Breastfeeding would seem to be the answer to that problem. Does our society invest in breastfeeding? Nope. The investment will be in products from human milk....rational but irrational on so many levels.
Copyright 2011 Valerie W. McClain

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.
None but ourselves can free our minds." --Bob Marley

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