Saturday, June 11, 2011

Public Relation step closer to insanity

Let the Public Relation Campaign begin.  Let the public scoffing of the reality of transgenic cows making human milk begin.  Of course, cows are not making human milk in totality, which has thousands of components.  They are making various components (proteins, enzymes) of human milk.  Human lactoferrin is one of many components that they are producing.  In some cases the same PR people who scoffed at public fears of the nuclear disaster in Japan after the earthquake/tsunami are the very same people scoffing at cow transgenics.

There is a pretense that this is just the beginning and that there is no approval for products made through cloned cows.  So I think we must wonder why that over a year ago, the FDA announced that cloned milk and meat was approved for consumer use in the USA.  One would almost think the US media blitz of cows making human milk in various countries is to make American citizens believe that cow transgenics which produces cloned milk and meat hasn't happened in the USA.  The Chinese are doing it.  So we can sleep easy tonight because it ain't happening here.

I have to repeat to readers the news article written in July 2003 in the NY Times by Nicholas Kristoff, "Interview with a Humanoid."  It still is on the internet.  Kristoff visited a US dairy farm in 2002 that had a herd of cows that were genetically engineered to carry various human genes in their mammary gland, human milk components.  He even drank the milk these cows produced.  He wrote that he didn't grow three heads.  So is the public to believe that farmers in the US who have these herds dumped the milk these cows' produced until FDA approval a year ago?  The financial losses must have been tremendous.  But now they can market their products.

I wrote about this and spoke about it 10 years ago.  This is not new technology.  It was made public in 1990, various companies, like Pharming had cloned the first cow with the human gene, lactoferrin.  Twenty-ones years later, the public is suppose to believe that this technology is still in its infancy.  Just like the genetic engineering of various food crops, the public is the last to find out what is being done to their food.  And then the messages are distorted by people in the media whose job is to keep the people ignorant and happy with new products made especially for them.  

Its hard for me to watch people ingest supplements, sports drinks, muscle building powders-whey, or watch babies drinking infant formula.  People believe that by drinking these special products, that they will get the benefits described on the package.  The muscle milk powders make no pretense about how their powders are just like human milk.  Just advertising?  No, I have read the patents, this is genetic engineering.  Welcome to the world of food science, where our experts can engineer food that is good for you.

It's an odd ball world, when intelligent people get paid to distort reality to the public, to make sure that what the corporation wants, the corporation gets.  We call ourselves a democracy.  Yet when you have an army of Public Relation people working to the tune of the corporate world of butterflies over the septic tank of reality, then democracy flies out the window.  Reality becomes whatever these people want.  Sometimes the PR people work for the Corporation and sometimes they work for Government.  Nowadays, it seems that the Corporation and the Government are just one and the same.  Which by definition is a fascist state.  Believe what they want you to believe or else.  
Copyright 2011 Valerie W. McClain

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