Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fear-Based Medicine brought to you by the EXPERTS

"Kits and devices may be used to produce a personalized, concentrated human milk composition for an infant from expressed milk from the infant's mother.  Methods of production and use thereof are also disclosed."  abstract from patent application #20160021904 owned by Nestec (Nestle) entitled, "Devices and kits for production of personalized, concentrated human milk compositions, and methods of making and using same," filed in July 2015

Morning walks around the duck pond before the hustle and bustle of living a life are my most treasured moments.  Yesterday, I ran into an American bald eagle having a hearty breakfast of fish.   The fish was one big fish. The eagle's antics of trying to fly off with a huge fish were amazing to watch.  He wanted that fish but he was spooked by my presence, mostly the presence of my huge dog whose herding instinct went into high gear.  I saw the hunger and the fear in the actions of this bird.  He wanted to eat but our close presence overwhelmed him. Fight or flight?  He didn't know that I had no intention of taking his fish nor would I let my dog go after him.  His instinct regarding the unknown made him drop his breakfast and fly away.  I came upon this majestic bird before I realized who he was and what he was doing.  I was sad that I had interrupted this animal's early morning breakfast.  The bird could not read my benevolent thoughts towards him.  Humans are often harbingers of death and destruction to animal life.  Instinct had saved his life over and over again.

Like the animal world, humans have instinctual responses.  Fear is one of those responses.  Fear is a behavioral motivator.  Our fear can drive us to avoid or escape what we fear.  And our fear can paralyze us, like the deer in the road who is mesmerized by our high beams.  Most of us fear pain and death.  Many of us are galvinized by that fear to seek health and healing through the medical experts.  We fear cancer and so we go to the oncologist when we are given a diagnosis of cancer.  Or we fear disease, so we get vaccinated.  We have a fear of germs, so we lather up with antibacterial soaps and wash our hands until they are bloody.  Fear can make us go overboard in response to society's marketing of a germ-free society.   And fear like hunger can be used by the powerful to control a population.  Fear can work to our survival--like the eagle startled by my close approach.  Or it can border on the irrational.  We can be so fearful of mosquitoes that we cover ourselves in cancer-causing pesticides and never go outside because mosquitoes are outside.  We can be so fearful of gun violence in our society that we never leave our homes or we buy a gun for protection.  Is our fear rational?  Or are we influenced by the media that broadcasts on a never-ending loop of stories of violence.  We have fear driven politics that casts a shadow over our hearts and minds.  We fear the immigrants, other races, other nationalities and we think that we can drive away fear by building a wall and keeping out all other people.  Is it rational to think that way or has the fear become a virus that destroys our brains?

We have a fear-based society.  We have fear-based medicine as a side dish to our fear-based society.  The experts proclaim in the media that there is a disease that will kill us all.  Panic arises and the herd of people run to the drug store to buy the current medical talismanOr if one cannot buy it over-the-counter, one goes to the doctor to get the magical prescription that will prevent the disease or cure you of the disease.  We don't ask questions because we are not the experts.  We are just the herd and our leaders say it is so.  Therefore that is the reality.  Our experts come down from their academic mountains of purity and help us buy the products we need to stay safe and healthy.  The experts dispense with their wisdom out of the goodness of their hearts.  Not because they have stock in the pharmaceutical or disease test kits you buy.  Not because they get paid by the drug, vaccine or infant formula industries to train students or the general population.

A great example of fear-based medicine is the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus.  It has been proclaimed to cause microcephaly in babies of mothers who were pregnant.    The human herd panics and runs for more pesticides and opts for staying indoors.   Women are told to postpone childbearing for 2 years.  I guess in 2 years they will have eradicated all the mosquitoes?  We are now told that it is a sexually transmitted disease.  No more sex.  Fear spreads.  A vaccine will be introduced as soon as possible.  Until then, women will abort babies because the antibody test shows that they are positive for the Zika virus.

The questions that don't seem to be asked are, were the mothers who had babies with microcephaly exposed to radiation, pesticides or herbicides during the early stages of their pregnancy?  It was recognized that after the dropping of the Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagazaki Japan that babies exposed in early stages of development in utero to radiation had microcephaly.  It took some twenty years after the bombs were dropped before the experts accepted that radiation had caused the microcephaly.  The experts proclaimed it was malnutrition.

They were higher rates of microcephaly in an area contaminated after Chernobyl's reactor exploded.

Depleted uranium used in weapons in Iraq causing rise of microcephaly in infants in Iraq.  Depleted uranium is not just used in weapons but has civilian uses-smoke detectors and dental porcelain colorants.

What about pesticides or herbicides causing microcephaly?  Well known is Agent Orange (an herbicide) used by US to clear jungles during the Vietnam War caused many birth defects, including microcephaly. 

So exactly how has the research on the Zika virus eliminated the possibilities of radiation contamination or pesticides or herbicides?  It hasn't.  It has not eliminated all these possible causes.  Instead they are totally focused on a viral cause to microcephaly. 

Unlike the eagle whose instinct for survival has stood the test of time, we humans are swayed by our experts.  We are told not to question the experts because they have the educational background and educational titles.  We are to believe that experts have truth on their side and we, the herd, are too ignorant to know what is best for us.  Thus the herd, leaves it to the experts to determine how life on earth should be lived.  

Fear-based medicine works when no one is allowed to question the experts.  The herd will stay indoors (needing more genetically engineered vitamin D3), away from those terrifying mosquitoes.  And the experts will test us and drug us to keep us safe.  And they will pour more pesticides and herbicides onto the land because fear is the driving force. And we will totally forget Fukishima and other areas so badly contaminated with radiation.  The Experts have come down from their Corporate Ivory Towers and proclaimed that there is a viral cause to microcephaly.  Fear works wonders for corporate profits.  Whether it is reality or not is the question.
Copyright 2016 Valerie W. McClain  

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