Sunday, May 11, 2008

Good-bye Anonymous

photo by Jessie McClain

Anonymous has chosen to stay anonymous...and says good-bye. Of course I wonder who anonymous really is? An IBCLC in Australia, as she/he implies? an IBCLC in the USA? who? who?
Fascinating. Just to clear up some of the mistaken comments made by Anonymous, I am not aware that "my views on HIV were published in the JHL." Frankly that would seem highly unlikely. There was a group of us that signed a letter to the JHL on breastfeeding and hiv in August 2002 in regard to a paper by de Paoli et al. I believe all the signees to that letter were from AnotherLook. I wrote a letter to the BMJ on HIV in 2001. I think that letter in particular expresses my views.

In that letter I write, "I think the belief that there is such a thing as safe formula feeding misleading." Rather odd statement for someone you state is anti-breastfeeding. I do admit to being 56 I don't get many dates like I did when I was 18.

I am not sure why Anonymous paid to read the US Patent, anyone can read it without paying for it. One can't read a European patent for free, only the abstract is free. I didn't read the European patent, only the abstract.

Being Anonymous allows a person to be a fool without facing the consequences. At the very least, I have faced and continue to face the consequences openly and honestly. May your life be more peaceful than your words.

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