Sunday, May 11, 2008

stem cells and staying Anonymous

photo by Jessie McClain
Anonymous sent two more comments and I feel that it is only fair that readers get a chance to read her/his viewpoint. I feel that if Anonymous wants to continue to have me post her/his comments that it only fair that this person disclose who they are and their credentials. I am troubled by Anonymous's belief that there is no need to read the whole patent or research paper, that an abstract tells the reader everything about the patent or paper. Unless academia has changed significantly since the early 70's when I went to college, I think admitting to reading only the abstract would not be thought of very highly. Abstracts do not tell the whole or even partial story. By the way there was 108 patents and 130 applications for patents, making a grand total of 238 patents/applications that could be read regarding stem cells and breastmilk. I read two of them in the past few days.
Yes I admit I did not read the paper written by Cregan. If Anonymous would be willing to pay the $30 for the paper, I'd be happy to read it and comment on it. Same goes for going to the ILCA Conference in Nevada this year. If Anonymous or someone in the lactation profession wants me to attend and is willing to pay my plane fare and hotel stay, I'd be happy to go and talk to Cregan. But since the lactation profession has had no interest in what I write about or say, I can't truly imagine them paying my way. Simply put, I cannot afford to buy all the books and documents I would like to read or conferences I would love to attend. Nor can I imagine that you, who consider me to be anti-breastfeeding, would want me to attend an ILCA Conference. I freely gave alot of information on my research to various breastfeeding organizations. I have no clue what they did with that information (other than one time they passed it on to people who worked in the US Government---a rather interesting scenario). I learned a hard lesson but information is the name of the game in power struggles in any organization. Giving away information to just anyone in an organization is a game that always backfires on the giver. Giving away information to an organization in which you don't know the political agenda is a mistake.
I love being told what I should be doing with my blog....Is this the standard view of me? Amazing. anti-breastmilk? Time to fess up and tell us who you are.......somehow I don't think you will.
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  1. No, you are right, I won't tell you who I am. But you are still struggling here with the basics. You don't understand the nature of medical research, you don't understand how breast milk is made, you cannot differentiate between the tissue and milk, you misquote previous research, you put thoughts into the mind of previous authors hoping they did think that there were stem cells in breast milk so that your argument is supported, and you also fail to understand the differences between cell types. On all counts you fail the test of credibility. You lack knowledge, and get defensive when challenged to consider alternatives.

    For the record, an abstract will tell you if the patent is on HUMAN milk and relates to the CELLS. This is a very simple concept - why you struggle, I cannot tell. How you came up with your outrageous figure of 100+ relevant patents escapes me. Only a few relate to HUMAN CELLS in HUMAN MILK. It took me less than an hour to filter out irrelevant patents.

    I for one paid to read the US patent, and it is essentially the same as the EU patent. As you have read the EU patent, you already know what to expect in the US patent. No need to worry about not having $30.

    I cannot help you to attend ILCA. Then again, for someone kicked of LACTNET, would you even have a friend there? This was all before my time, so I have no idea why this happened, but suffice to say, it must be due to some notable reasons, as the moderation is not that stringent.

    After reading your views on HIV in JHL, I came to your blog expecting some informative comment. All I found was an uninformed, over-opinionated individual who really has no understanding of medicine, little knowledge of the principles of scientific research, and an even lesser understanding of state-of-the-art breastfeeding biology. Your reading is out of date, and your opinions at best flawed, possibly incompetent, or at worst anti-breastfeeding.

    Rest assured, I received the same education here in Australia as all other nurses and midwives who went onto an IBCLE qualification. You're opinions will read just as poorly to them as they did to me, as they will have the same qualifications. As such the lack of demonstrated knowledge in your blog will simply mean no-one comes back, and this includes me. Just think of it this way. From now on, every time you meet someone with an IBCLE qualification you can wonder to yourself - have I made a fool of myself in front of this person online? You after all are quite happy to identify yourself, and then demonstrate how little you understand.

    Goodbye and good riddance.