Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Human Breast Epthelial Cells

photo by Mariah McClain
In patent # 5814511 they state, "most normal human breast epithelial cell cultures were derived either from lactational fluids, which contained cells primarily of luminal origin, or were derived from reduction mammoplasty." Dated in 1995, it was named "Human breast epithelial cell type with stem cell and luminal epithelial cell characteristics." The inventors are Chia Cheng Chang and James E. Trosko and the patent is owned by Michigan State University but the US Government has licensing rights since the research was from grants provided by the NIH. Hm....rather odd....I thought the fact that stem cells were in breastmilk was a recent discovery (Cregan 2008). I guess these authors never proved it????
Copyright 2008 Valerie W. McClain

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