Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Wishes

photo by Jessie McClain

Mother's Day is a difficult time for many mothers. It is a wonderful, joyous time for those of us, when our children/adult children are with us to celebrate. But for many mothers whose children have died, disappeared, are not at home, are in another country, or worse are in a war zone, it can be a difficult day. It is a day of sadness, of lost joys, of memories good and bad. It can be a day of regret and a day of remorse. May all mothers find peace in our troubled world. May we treasure the moments we have or have had with our children. May we find the fortitude to go on in this world, despite the heartbreak. May we never feel lonely because we have been touched by our children born and unborn. May we reach out to others and share the love we learned by being mothers. Peace to all...

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